Well yeah I might not be your usual kindda individual.
The most reasonable person alive.
You might think oh wait probably found the words to nail me down as an oblivious specie but guess what? I could say same about you.
I am me because of who I am. Not by your definition of who I should be. I’m sorry if it seems so hard to change me, many have been in your shoes which makes the very shoes you have on less special.
Truth be told I am quite a handful. Many have come and gone, you aint the first. Funny how the very thing that pulled you closer, is the same thing u abhor now. What changed ? Is my question to you. Hey l am emotional to say the very least thus tend to sympathise with the many thoughts that flood your mind.
My life is quite a mystery, oh wait a puzzle even. Not easy putting the broken pieces together I must confess.
A lot is due to be unfolded, I am human, my plea is for you to see the real me, if only u’d wait. Just wait, that’s all I ask.
I yearn to reveal myself to you and yet you’re gone.

I come across to some as delusional.hmmm delusional me! Interesting!. I can be many things, to different people. Being delusional unfortunately isn’t one of them. A realist I am. Quite honest about my feelings and many times expect same from others.Thats asking for too much I know. “Adjust ur principles” is all I hear with you around. This I can sacrifice for a lifetime of happiness and a holiday of joy.

My ability to speak and speak, has been my weakness.
Most don’t appreciate this side of me, others can’t wait to be around me. I know this cos you didn’t!
For me it’s been a gift to express myself, to bring to bear what lays hidden.
The truth they say hurts, if so then allow me be the bearer of this good news.
Hurt is a sure way of looking back at mistakes made and reordering ourselves to make things better. In my opinion we all need a dose of hurt if it makes us better eventually.

In conclusion I’m sorry if u felt I wasn’t listening cos I was, if u felt I didn’t care cos I did. It was all a matter of time.
It took longer than expected I know but I expected you to help me find the missing piece of me.
That was asking for too much I realised because one thing was for sure, you are only human.
All I needed was for you to wait, not to give up on me.
Am I delusional? No I ain’t.
Am I are strong lover? Yes I am.
My only crime was falling short of your standards.
I pray to be better for my next.
This ain’t poetry but the much awaited letter from me to you.



You alone see me,                                                                                                                                       In the innermost part of my being do you feel me.                                                                                           Right from the onset you knew me,                                                                                                           Looking down upon me do I see you.                                                                                                             Your breath upon my face calms my raging flaws,                                                                                         In that moment do I sense you.                                                                                                                   In your presence, my trembling and yet unstable façade is laid bare,                                                               For you alone see through me,                                                                                                                     You alone know it all.

You alone speak to me,                                                                                                                             Not only in my heart but I feel you in my mind, body and soul.                                                                         Even In my unconscious self I still hear you                                                                                                   For It is your voice alone I will hearken to,                                                                                                   Your call alone shall I respond,                                                                                                               Your desires are my desires,                                                                                                                       Just beckon to me and I will follow.

You alone hear me, when I call.                                                                                                                    In your arms do you carry me when I flaw.                                                                                                      With a stroke of your finger, you wipe away the tear that falls.                                                                        I come to you not for who I am or who I should be or where i’m at but for who you are and to where we going.      And oh yeah the revealed truth of who you are binds me closer,                                                                      As the melodious tunes of an orchestra.                                                                                                        I am going no where for in the peaceful awe of your presence lies my unlocked freedom.                                   You and I belong together for you alone rock my world.


Though I walk through the valley of shadow of death,  I’ll fear no evil.                                                                 Though I live each day in the shadow of my imaginations, shall my desires blossom.                                          Though I stand in the middle of a war zone battling between my heart and mind to be heard, My conscience seemingly provides a way of escape.                                                                                                              It is where puzzles unfold, resolutions are made and tempers cooled.

If wishes were horses, beggars would fly,                                                                                                       If life was anything but a puzzle then surely, I would fly.                                                                                 Train up a child in a way he should go,                                                                                                         Train up a heart and it will do little to hurt you.                                                                                                Love a man cautiously, he would love you same,                                                                                            Love a man speedily, he would crush you same,                                                                                            Love a man recklessly, he would soon to be gone to call him your own.

Thoughts are only figments of our imaginations, we decide whether to keep them or not.                                    It is the place we are rulers of our kingdom.                                                                                                    Being lost to yourself opens a door for a higher authority.                                                                                A place where solutions are given and all worries gone.                                                                                  A place of rest and everlasting guidance.

As the Lord forgives, forgive all your adversaries.                                                                                             In forgiving, you become a better person.                                                                                                       It warrants you a place in Gods kingdom

I pray for you everyday.

Another day

Another day in the chilly weather.                                                                                                               In its silence my mind wanders, roaming through my memory archives in search of the next step to take.           My mind is jammed up,don’t seem to find my way out, Which path do I take?                                                   In search for a route to embark, I take the door that promises a good destination.                                             In search of the unknown,I return back to where It began, Right here in my entangled mind.                              If only I could destroy all the chaff accumulated,one thing I do know is, it prunes me for the tough times.           Life may not be perfect but I got my memories to take me where I need to go.


My mind is made up, all doubts gone.                                                                                                           My mind is made up, the uncertainties of this life thrown out the window.                                                       With a sigh I leave the unassuming self clouding my thoughts behind, Never to go back.                                                                                                                                                                                                     The quest of a fulfilled life pushes you beyond limits of each walk of life.                                                           It drags you in the path of unresolved resolutions, clustered thoughts, the fear of the unknown.                           Your life in its beauty is swayed from a point to the other as the branches of a tree swings its leaves in a beautiful display.                                                                                                                                         The revealed truth of a fulfilled life from an unfulfilled one is the tuning of the mind.                                         Be positive in all endeavors, that will be the crossroad of your destiny.


To be or not to be that always is the question.                                                                                             The choice of friendship is the decision.                                                                                                         I may not walk behind you nor lead, wont advice you walk before me nor cant promise I will follow.                     Just walk beside me and be my friend and like a saxophone and a melodious breath i will be in tune.                 Like two birds building a tree mansion, little by little,branch by branch whistling as they flap their wings of togetherness and love is the exact representation of friendship.                                                                    To be without fault that i promise not.                                                                                                            A heart so sincere I pledge my unflinching support to u.                                                                                  My yearn is to forever remain true.                                                                                                               I may not be perfect so treat me as one with faults.                                                                                        I am human crafted to make mistakes, my only plea to you is to take me as I am.

Poem by nuerki and dantey


Destiny they say comes to those who believe in its existence.                                                                       Admitting to its power opens up the door to a beautiful display.                                                                       Nature in its immeasurable authenticity is an exact representation of Him.                                                       Taking each day as it comes, absorbing the good will blowing its presence alive,                                             Entering the hearts of all soaked in the atmosphere of a harmonious radiation of life.                                         Yielded to the surpassing episodes of co-existing in an orderly but harsh world is ultimate in fulfilling ones destiny, a destiny much living for.                                                                                                                 These above words do I imbibe in my heart for His name sake.

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